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About us:

<Focus Fire Skull> is the result of RBP of Terenas and S4M of Malorne merging their top players and coming together on Mal'Ganis. With years of raiding experience and many server first titles under our belt, <Focus Fire Skull> is focused on two things; progression and having fun while doing it. We understand WoW is a game and real-life takes precedence. With that said we do expect all of our raiders to respect their fellow guild-mates and show up on time to designated raid times. While our core focus is PvE progression we do have a strong PvP core of ex-glads and multiple 2200+ players that run guild arenas and rated battlegrounds throughout the week. We are a tight-knit guild and encourage all our players to experience everything WoW has to offer together. The majority of our player base is 22+ and as such we keep a low key raid environment with downtime kept to a minimum.

What we expect from our members:

All prospective members are required to fill out an application on our guild website and complete a vent interview with our officers before being accepted to Trial Member status. All Trials and Raiders are expected to keep their raiding character in the best gear/enchants/gems available to them. Anyone who expects to step foot into a raid MUST have researched the encounters prior to coming in and know their role in the group. We DO NOT carry players, everyone is expected to pull their weight. If you are performing sub-par you will be given a warning as to what needs to be improved upon, and if it is evident you are not improving, you will be removed from the raid and demoted or removed from the guild completely.


Our philosophy on gear is that it is simply a means to an end, and as such loot is generally decided amongst those wanting the item. Our raiders understand that it takes a full group of geared players to down a boss not one amazingly geared player. Any disputes are resolved with Officer loot council. There is never any gear favoritism and no one player will be geared before any other. If you are applying to get gear, please don't waste our time or yours. If you are applying to progress, welcome.

Past notable kills by our raiders:
Ulduar 0+ Light Top 500 World w/ Death's Demise server first title
Algalon Celestial Defender server first
ToGC top 500 world
11/12 HM 25LK
10m LK Bane multiple groups

Current content:
BWD: 5/6

Raid Times:

Sunday: 7:30pm-11:30pm CST
Mon: 7:30pm-11:30pm CST
Wed: 7:30pm-11:30pm CST
Thurs: 7:30pm-11:30pm CST
(Occasionally push to 30 min later to push progression, though is not required.)

Current Recruitment Needs:

Boomkin - High
Spriest - Med
Hunter - Med
Resto Druid - High
Holy/Disc Priest - High
Holy Paladin - Med
Prot Warrior - High
Fury Warrior - Med
Exceptional Healers encouraged to apply

We DO NOT recruit for the bench! If accepted you will be raiding either until you prove yourself to be promoted to Raider and secure your spot or prove yourself sub-par and are removed from the guild. All applicants must be raid ready with ilvl 340+ gear and previous hard mode raid experience.

Please feel free to contact any officer (Canabìz, Takenja, or Anxiety) with any questions regarding the applicant process.
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