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#3501140 Nov 20, 2010 at 12:42 PM
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I've been posting logs to World of Logs, but for some reason I can't explain, this week WoL has started to shut down once it's 39-percent uploaded. The message I get is that the color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 basic. When I click on help, I get the following suggestions:

"If you receive a message that some visual elements, such as window frame transparency, have been turned off, or if you receive a message that the theme has been changed to the Basic theme, one of the following might have happened:

A program that you're running is incompatible with Aero themes. When this happens, some visual elements are automatically turned off. When the program is no longer running, the visual elements that were turned off are turned on again automatically.

Your laptop might be running low on battery power. Windows might turn off Aero themes or window transparency to save battery power.

Your computer's hardware configuration or screen resolution was changed. If you changed your screen resolution, video card, or monitor setup, your computer might no longer meet the minimum recommendations for running Aero themes.

Your computer doesn't have enough memory to run all of the programs that you have open and also run an Aero theme. If Windows automatically changed your theme to the Basic theme, and you want to change it back to an Aero theme, close some windows to free up memory, and then follow the steps below."

Anyone smart enough to know what all that means? My computer is brand new and very, very good. I'm not convinced it's a memory issue. I've changed the Aero themes on the computer. I'm just confused.
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